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Make Today a ‘Living’ Day


In my mind, there are two types of day. An ‘existing’ day and a ‘living’ day.
During an existing day you go about your usual routine, just as you’ve always done. You go to work and make unexciting conversation with your colleagues because you have to. You stay at home cleaning the house and looking after your children because you have to. You make dinner, sit in front of the TV and exchange a few sentences with your partner because you have to. You go to bed, wondering what on earth the point of today was and sleep fitfully because you have to.

During a living day, you wake up prepared, aware of the things you need to get done today. You go to work and notice your colleague has had a new haircut, which you complement her on. This leads to a longer conversation about what you’ve been doing recently and you find that you quite enjoy her company, arranging to go out for a drink after work. You stay at home and make your mark as Domestic God(dess), cleaning the house and spending quality time with your children, playing games and educating them.  Your children are happily doing activities and you’ve got a sparkling house to boot! You make dinner whilst listening to music or with your favourite TV show on in the background, or even better yet, with your partner at least chatting to you about both of your days (if not helping!) You go to bed and feel proud of all you achieved today, no matter how small it seems and sleep soundly, preparing yourself for tomorrow.

We all know that every day can’t be that exact ‘living’ day, but you can certainly try to make it so.
The first step is to be prepared for the day. Try keeping a small notebook with you- in your bag during the day and on your bedside table at night- so that you can write a to-do list for each day. Try this over the next few days and revel in the amount you get done!
The second step is to be observant of the things going on around you. Most of us will travel to work or go to the shops without a second thought, just going on autopilot because we know the journey so well. Look around you next time, what do you notice? It can be anything, no matter how big or small.
The third step is to be mindful of the people around you. How many days have you had where you can honestly say you had a fairly substantial conversation with someone which made you feel good afterwards? So many of us work with the same people every day but couldn’t tell you more than 3 things about this person. Some people prefer to keep business and personal separate, which is fine but there are lots of common knowledge topics you could talk about instead. Make a goal to speak to two people you see today who you would not normally say more than ‘hi, how are you?’ to.
The fourth step is to understand that every day can not be perfect, but every day can be a ‘living’ day. Whilst making your day a ‘living’ day, you may well come across obstacles you don’t have the resources to overcome yet. That’s not to say today wasn’t a ‘living’ day. Think about how you handle situations like this. If you sit back and accept the obstacle as it is and decide there’s nothing more you can do, you’ve turned your day into an ‘existing’ day. If you ask the right people for help, and try to come to a solution (whether it’s successful or not) you have kept your day a ‘living’ day.

Living days should make you feel proud. You should be able to look back at your day and think ‘today was a worthwhile day.’

So think about the steps mentioned in this post. Give them a go over the next few days. Especially today.

Make today a LIVING day! 


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