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Wednesday Question Time: I don’t like water, what should I drink instead?

This question comes to us from Rachel Lewis: I don’t like water, what should i drink instead?

Water is one of the most important aspects of losing weight. Follow your diet and exercise routine every day for a week. Then follow it, and drink 2litres of water every day and see and feel the difference.  It’s a fact that if you’re not staying hydrated, you’re not going to see the numbers fall on the scales as quickly as you’d like.

Water reduces fluid retention, encourages the regular removal of toxins and waste, speeds metabolism and increases the effectiveness of exercise. Not to mention the wonders it does for your skin!  So unfortunately, even if you don’t like water, it really is necessary.  Many people find drinking water to be boring, as it has little or no taste. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re getting enough water, but making it a bit more interesting too:

  1. Add sugar-free fruit squash. On average these have roughly 4 calories per 250ml, so in your recommended 2 litres per day, you’ll be getting 32 calories.  My favourite flavour is lemon, as it’s great to have hot or cold (especially useful for people who, like me, aren’t lovers of tea or coffee).
  2. Add tea or coffee.  As a majority of your cup of tea or coffee is water, it does count towards your daily allowance. Limit coffee to 2 cups per day, or less if you can. Try fruit and herbal teas, as these have added benefits besides keeping you hydrated. Green tea has been proven to aid weight-loss, mint tea aids digestion, camomile tea promotes relaxation, ginger tea aids the treatment and prevention of colds.  Try to have your tea and coffee black with no sugar. If you need the sweetness, add sweetener to your coffee and a teaspoon of honey to your tea.
  3. Add a slice of fruit. Lemon, lime and orange are great additions to any water. Allow the fruit to sit in the glass for a few minutes before drinking. If you like a slightly stronger fruit taste, squeeze the juice into the water.  This can be quite a strange taste for some people to begin with but you get used to the taste very quickly and the nutritional benefits are worth it!
  4. Keep your water in the fridge or add ice. Studies have shown that people drink more water when it is chilled, than at room or tap temperature.  Drinking colder water also boosts your metabolism, since your body recognises the colder temperature and works extra hard to regulate your body temperature again.

DO NOT drink fizzy drinks, soda, pop, whatever you want to call it. Even the diet types! They are full of sugars, aspartame and the carbonation can play havoc with your digestive system.  Try one week of cutting out these drinks, choosing water instead (use the tips above) and see how much better you feel. You’ll find you have much more energy and lots of your cravings will have disappeared! Try it, I dare you!


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