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Monthly Archives: March, 2012

Monday Myth Buster: Running on the Treadmill Creates Less Stress on the Knees than Running on the Pavement

Running is a fantastic workout, but it can play havoc with your knees! Many people believe that running on the treadmill creates less stress on their knees than running on the pavement but, unfortunately, that’s not true.  Todd Schlifstein, the clinical instructor at New York University’s Medical Center says ” it is the force of …

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Friday Funday: Winner Announcement Plus Ideas for an Active Weekend

We hope you’ve all had a good week, but thank God it’s Friday, right? Our Friday Funday winner is…………(drum roll)…………….. Lyndsey Broadhead!!!  Congratulations! You’ve won a £5 Amazon voucher! Enter for next week’s Friday Funday competition by liking us on Facebook. There’s a link to the right of this post. Although we are all looking …

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Thursday Tip of the Week: Get Up and Do It! No Excuses!

Get up and do it! No Excuses! Right now, I bet you’re sitting down. At your desk, on the sofa, on your bed. Stand up! Right now! Walk across the room, or downstairs, or to the coffee machine. I’ll wait for you to get back… How many of you actually did that? If you did, …

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