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Thursday Tip of the Week: Get Up and Do It! No Excuses!

Get up and do it! No Excuses!

Right now, I bet you’re sitting down. At your desk, on the sofa, on your bed. Stand up! Right now! Walk across the room, or downstairs, or to the coffee machine. I’ll wait for you to get back…

How many of you actually did that? If you did, well done! If you didn’t, why not? It’s tiny decisions like these that you make every day that have got you to where you are now, and will get you to where you want to be. Make the wrong one, and you’ll still be overweight and unfit 10, 20 years from now. Make the right one, and I guarantee you’ll be looking and feeling better in a matter of weeks or months.

Any activity is better than none at all. Even that tiny little walk you did just now is better than nothing! If you did that every day, it would soon add up to a fair bit of walking. Start small, with manageable activity, and build up as and when you can.

Here are some things you can do right now to add to your activity level (After that little walk of course!):

  1. Leg curls. Sit up straight, with your feet flat on the floor. Now raise your lower legs at the knee until they are at right-angles to your body. Hold for 3 seconds and lower. Do as many of these as you feel comfortable doing. This will work your thighs, calves and core.
  2. Butt clenches. Sit comfortably in your chair. Now tense the muscles in your bum, hold for 3 seconds and relax. Repeat as necessary!
  3. Thigh clenches. Ok, this one might need to be saved until you get home, especially if you are in a shared office! Put a cushion or pillow between your legs, and squeeze it with your thighs as hard as you can. Hold for 3 seconds and then relax. Repeat at least 20 times.

If you do 20 repeats of each exercise, that’s only 3 minutes of your day gone. Do this every day or at least every other day and you’ll be able to feel the benefits very soon. This is just your starting point, something you can do whilst sitting down. To get maximum results, you need to be doing a bit more, but we can work up to that!

Check back tomorrow for Friday Funday! We’ll be announcing the winner of our weekly competition! To enter, just like our Facebook page. There’s a quick link on the right of this post.


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