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Monthly Archives: January, 2012

Quick Tip Friday: Have Your Best Weekend Yet

It’s Quick Tip Friday! Try this out: Take a piece of paper. Split it into two columns At the top of the first column, write ‘energised’ At the top of the second column, write ‘drained’ Now write everything down that makes you feel energised. It could be spending time with your partner, spending time with …

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Understanding Your Partner- Transform Your Relationship Part 1

No matter how fantastic your relationship is, it’s most likely that there are times when you feel your partner doesn’t understand you, or they take something you’ve said the wrong way and you just can’t understand why! We all have different personalities, and with these come different wants and needs. In a relationship, these needs …

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Does Changing Your Perspective Really Make Much Difference?

‘If you want to be happy, be’ Leo Tolstoy As easy as that? Well, maybe… The world is exactly what you make of it. The colour of the page that you see here, will be slightly different to the colour your friend would see. This is a difference in perspective that is out of our …

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How to Stick to Your Diet- 5 Important Points to Remember

It’s a sad fact of life that many of us just can’t seem to stick to our diets. Sure, we’ll start off with good intentions, having dumped all the junk food, bought half the supermarket’s vegetable section and spent a fortune on a pair of trainers and some workout gear. But somehow, something happens and …

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Make Today a ‘Living’ Day

  In my mind, there are two types of day. An ‘existing’ day and a ‘living’ day. During an existing day you go about your usual routine, just as you’ve always done. You go to work and make unexciting conversation with your colleagues because you have to. You stay at home cleaning the house and …

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Lux Coaching: Who are we?

We have finally joined the ranks and created a blog. This is our first post, just to let you know a bit more about us and what we do. Here’s to many more posts to come! Our basic instincts, as humans, encourage us to continually better ourselves, to be the best that we can be. …

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