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Friday Funday: Winner Announcement Plus Ideas for an Active Weekend

We hope you’ve all had a good week, but thank God it’s Friday, right?

Our Friday Funday winner is…………(drum roll)……………..

Lyndsey Broadhead!!! 

Congratulations! You’ve won a £5 Amazon voucher! Enter for next week’s Friday Funday competition by liking us on Facebook. There’s a link to the right of this post.

Although we are all looking forward to the weekend, it’s important not to let your hard work slide. Here are a few tips for staying active this weekend:

  1. Go out for a walk with your family or a few friends. Try somewhere you’ve never been before, or haven’t been to for ages, and explore! If it’s an open field or beach, act like a kid again and have a run around. Initiate a game of tag or stuck in the mud, no matter how old the group is!
  2. Catch up with a friend. Challenge them to a game of squash or badminton and put them through their paces. Or you could join them for a walk. If you have kids, take them with you in their buggy- pushing a buggy whilst walking increases calorie burn by up to 25%
  3. Take the kids swimming. Do competitions like who can do the longest handstand, have races and just have fun! It’s great if you can get a few laps in too, but if swimming isn’t your thing, try having a running race in the shallow end. The water creates lots of resistance so it works your muscles even harder than regular running.

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next week!


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